Mizzou and Ithaca

Recent events at the University of Missouri and Ithaca College have generated new discussions and interest in votes of no confidence.

Last week, I spoke with Michael Smith of the Ithaca Voice about the situation at Ithaca College, where the student body and faculty will hold votes in the coming weeks.

Also, I added the vote of no confidence against Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin at Mizzou to the database.  The English department held this vote.  The department cited a tenure “marked by dereliction of duty in maintaining the quality and reputation of graduate education, violations of the bedrock principle of shared governance and failure to defend the University’s educational mission against outside political pressure.”  Faculty also also cited the deteriorating climate for students and faculty on campus.  Ultimately, the chancellor resigned.

Finally, I added a 1997 vote at Savannah State University to the database.

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