No-Confidence Vote Database

This is my current database of no-confidence votes against college/university presidents.

I gathered these data from the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher Ed, other popular publications, and web searches.  It is by no means complete!  I am always adding more votes as I find them.

Please note that in most cases I do not specify what body (e.g., faculty senates or individual colleges or departments) holds these votes.  Also, I include multi-campus and/or system-wide votes as well as unsuccessful votes.  Finally, I exclude votes from faculty unions.  See the notes column or the referenced article for additional details.

In this table, one will notice the institution’s name and state, rationale for the vote, year of the vote, my reference, and any extra notes.  In most cases, I copied and pasted the rationale for votes directly from the referenced article.  Otherwise, I simply synthesized the rationale.  Some references do not specify why votes occurred.

Yeshiva UniversityNY2015"severe financial problems"Faculty at Yeshiva College, a component of the university, voted
Winthrop UniversitySC1995Did not specify
William Rainey Harper CollegeIL2001lavish spending and president's emphasis on vocational education
William Peace UniversityNC2014"lax handling of student transcripts, declining graduation rates, and campus buildings with malfunctioning heat and spider infestations"
William Paterson UniversityNJ2017president "failed to bring improvements to the school."
West Liberty UniversityWV2015alleged ethics violation over president's use of school resources for his film
Washtenaw Community CollegeMI2014"a lack of transparency and high turnover at the institution"
Virginia Intermont CollegeVA2014president "had not done enough to shore up the institution’s finances or increase its enrollment, and charges that she has micromanaged the college’s operation"
Vermont State CollegesVT2005"citing what they called his poor leadership and 'lack of respect for shared governance'" Faculty from four out of five campuses voted against system-head
University of Wisconsin--StoutWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--River FallsWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--ParksideWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--MilwaukeeWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--MadisonWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--La CrosseWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--Green BayWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin--Eau ClaireWI2016" lack of effective advocacy to the Legislature in the face of a $250 million state funding cut and the softening of tenure protections in the 2015-2017 biennial budget" and shared governance concernsThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of Wisconsin CollegesWI2016The two-year system's Faculty Council of Senators passed a VNC due to "new tenure policies that make it easier for administrators to fire faculty members" and weakened shared governanceThis was an independent but system-wide vote against the system's president.
University of West FloridaFL2014president "jeopardized the university's accreditation and state funding"
University of the District of ColumbiaDC2009proposed tuition increase and selective admission
University of Southern MississippiMI2004"attempted to fire two professors who were suspicious of a vice president's credentials"
University of South Carolina UpstateSC2015President "didn’t communicate in good faith or in an atmosphere of trust" and also showed "a lack of civility toward the faculty by members of the administration and a lack of transparency regarding information such as institutional planning and budgets."Vote held against campus president, not system leader
University of PittsburghPA1990"authoritarian management style"
University of Northern IowaIA2012faculty's "lack of involvement in budget-cutting process"
University of North AlabamaAL1989"abruptly fired the dean of student affairs"
University of New OrleansLA2014program cutsFaculty Council held the vote
University of New MexicoNM2009Did not specify but noted president "rais[ed] administrative compensation while the institution is facing a budget crunch"
University of MissouriMO2015a tenure "marked by dereliction of duty in maintaining the quality and reputation of graduate education, violations of the bedrock principle of shared governance and failure to defend the University’s educational mission against outside political pressure"English department held this vote against the chancellor.
University of Massachusetts - BostonMA2007"not giving [faculty] a voice in developing [a] restructuring proposal" Faculty from Amherst campus also voted against system-head
University of MaineME1995"failing to consult with them on a plan to designate the six-year-old Education Network of Maine as the university's eighth institution" Faculty from each campus voted against system-head
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIL2014regarding Steven Salaita affairMultiple departments voted no-confidence
University of Houston - VictoriaTX2014UHV lost its nursing program and ability to offer programs at a branch campus
University of CincinnatiOH1991"misplaced priorities, a loss of academic direction, mismanagement of university resources, and violations of agreed-upon shared-governance procedures"
University of Central ArkansasAR1994"[Faculty] had lost our advisory role."
University of Alaska, FairbanksAK2017"criticized Mr. Johnsen for the “Strategic Pathways” initiative, which faculty members have complained leaves them out of decision making about the system’s priorities."
University of Alaska, AnchorageAK2017"Anchorage faculty members said they’d had no voice" on "Strategic Pathways" initiatives.
University of Alabama - BirminghamAL2015violating shared governance and disbanding football program
University of AkronOH2016violating shared governance, declining enrollment and donations, reducing services, among other reasons
U. of Missouri at Kansas CityMO2004poor financial management, ignoring faculty
U. of Maine at Presque IsleME2006"had not communicated well with faculty members, students, or local civic groups"
U. of Houston at Clear LakeTX1990suggested terminating tenured faculty member; peer-review and shared governance processes ignored
Tusculum CollegeTN2007"vote appears to be related to several changes in academic and administrative leadership at the over the past two years"
Trenton State CollegeNJ1991no shared governance, poor management
Transylvania UniversityKY2013" recent tenure decision, as well as Williams' leadership and management styles for the past three years"
Toccoa Falls CollegeGA2003"The vote was prompted by reports . . . that the president . . . lacked the master's degree that was listed on his résumé when he first applied for the presidency in late 2000"
Texas A&M at KingsvilleTX2005"disregarded principles of shared governance and failed to provide effective leadership"
Teikyo Westmar UniversityIA1994Did not specify but institution had serious financial issuesInstitution closed in 1997
Sweet Briar CollegeVA2015Financial, hiring, and shared governance issues; college slated to closeFaculty voted unanimously against president and board
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF)NY2016"regarding Wheeler's hiring decisions, finances and his vision for the university"
SUNY at Utica-RomeNY2003"micromanages university affairs and does not consult them on important decisions…is verbally abusive"
SUNY at PlattsburghNY2000criticized for his management style and hiring practices
St. Joseph's UniversityPA2014financial mattersThe business faculty voted on this resolution.
Southwest Missouri State UniversityMO1992poor financial management (construction of arts center went over budget)
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical CollegeWV2017“for fostering a toxic collegiate atmosphere devoid of ethical behavior, transparency and trust"Faculty Senate passed one vote. Days later, the entire faculty passed a vote, though by a smaller margin.
Southern Oregon UniversityOR2014"longstanding concerns" about university leadershipProvost and VP for Finance also received votes
South Louisiana Community CollegeLA2005"created a 'climate of mistrust and diminished morale"
South Carolina State UniversitySC2011president and provost "'have failed to demonstrate effective leadership during their tenure' and 'are responsible for the continued demise' of the institution."
Sonoma State UniversityCA2007"professors fault presidents for 'underfunding' the academic budget and making decisions without consulting them"
Simpson UniversityCA2015". . . budget woes brought on by declining enrollment as the factor that led to the 'growing frustration'" and " . . . the layoffs of two faculty members this year was the last straw"
Shorter UniversityGA2012faculty forced to sign a "lifestyle statement"Survey of faculty; not a formal motion/vote
Shoreline Community CollegeWA2005"preferential treatment given to administrators, poor communication between administrators and other people on the campus, and low employee morale"
Shimer CollegeIL2010president "tried to diminish power" of governance structures
Savannah State UniversityGA1997concerns about employee termination, student housing,
Santa Rosa Junior CollegeCA1997president conducted private investigation against faculty to identify critic(s)
San Diego State UniversityCA1992"he called for the layoff of 147 tenured professors and the elimination of nine academic departments to help comply with state funding cuts. About 55 per cent of participating professors voted for his removal. Some accused Mr. Day of not consulting with them enough"
San Bernardino Community College DistrictCA2015accreditor warned district's two community collegesFaculty at San Bernardino Valley College and Crafton Hills voted
Saint Louis UniversityMO2012president supported creator of a controversial tenure plan
Sacramento State UniversityCA2007"professors fault presidents for 'underfunding' the academic budget and making decisions without consulting them"
Rollins CollegeFL2013president suggested more online learning; lack of faculty consultation
Rockland Community College (SUNY)NY2002"livid about an academic reorganization that their Board of Trustees recently adopted" and "the plan was crafted with little input from faculty members"
Rhode Island School of DesignRI2006"stance on academic priorities...disproportionate growth in upper-level administration...a 'lack of transparency with respect to financial decisions,' and an 'increasingly adversarial relationship' between the college and the neighboring RISD Museum."
Rhode Island School of DesignRI2011faculty "felt left out of key decisions and uninformed about sweeping changes he was making in the university" and felt a "climate of fear"
Rhode Island School of DesignRI2011Faculty said that president failed to heed their advice
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNY1998"authoritarian management style" and "the primary concern was the lack of faculty involvement in decisions"
Quincy UniversityIL2016university's financial difficulties
Quincy CollegeMA1998president proposed faculty layoffs
Point Park UniversityPA2017Variety of concerns including layoffs, lack of consultation, and pay"A to­tal of 89 fac­ulty voted, with 53 per­cent sup­port­ing the mea­sure. About 44 per­cent voted against the no-con­fi­dence out­come and 3 per­cent ab­stained."
Phoenix CollegeAZ2015Did not specify due to pending investigation
Pasadena City CollegeCA2013for " violating regulations of shared governance"
Our Lady of the Lake UniversityTX2007Did not specify but referenced a tuition hike
Our Lady of Holy CrossLA2014"concerns about the recent departure of the college’s provost"
Olivet CollegeMI1992Did not specify but article cited racial tensions
Olive-Harvey College (CC of Chicago)IL2001denied tenure to faculty members; intimidating leadership
Oklahoma State UniversityOK1990violating administrative and academic policies; reinstating athletes who had poor grades; supporting a ban of a film on campus
Ocean County CollegeNJ2012"violating contract laws, repeatedly bypassing competitive-bidding requirements, and firing a whistle-blower who tried to stop such illegal practices" and "flawed management practices and misplaced educational priorities"
Northwest Nazarene UniversityID2015tenured professor terminated; official reason was due to declining enrollment, but faculty and students believe his firing related to his views
Northern New Mexico CollegeNM2014"fostering a state of 'financial chaos, doubt, uncertainty, and fear of retaliation' and citing concerns about declining enrollment, overspending, a lack of pay raises and management of the budget."
Northeast State Community CollegeTN2017"The resolution cited unrealistic expansion projections, enrollment issues and loss of key staff during [president's] tenure.""Of the college’s 127 full-time faculty members, 115 cast ballots with 98 voting no confidence, 16 voting confidence and one abstention" at NSCC's three campuses.
New York UniversityNY2013"criticized for a top-down management style and for pursuing expansion efforts overseas and in New York City"Several faculties voted in favor; several against
New SchoolNY2008"conflicts over governance"
Mount Vernon CollegeDC1990high turnover, inadequate fundraising
Mississippi Valley State UniversityMS2007"cited issues related to pay, respect for the chain of command, and lack of courtesy"
Mississippi Valley State UniversityMS2011Did not specify, but noted some faculty disagreed with Faculty Senate's motion
Mississippi Valley State UniversityMS2011Low enrollment, weak fundraising, no pay raises, treatment of faculty, and university "not being moved in a positive direction"
Mississippi University for WomenMS1999"They complained that she micromanaged the university and didn't listen to anyone, and they were dismayed by the high turnover of senior and midlevel administrators"
Miracosta CollegeCA2007inadequately responded to a "palm tree scandal" on campus
Minot State UniversityND2013chancellor's leadership styleFaculty from this campus voted against a system-head
Minnesota State Colleges and UniversitiesMN2014system reorganization planSome faculty senates and some unions voted in favor
Midland LutheranNE2007Did not specify
Michigan Technological UniversityMI2000"The senate voted no confidence . . . accusing [the president] of "a failure of leadership" and citing difficulties in areas including budgeting, finances, shared governance, and employee morale."
Medaille CollegeNY2006“‘repeatedly and deliberately alienated staff, students and faculty,’ made ‘decisions unilaterally’ and surrounded himself with new administrators who ‘shield him from contact with the rest of the Medaille community.’”
Marshall UniversityWV2013president's "recent move to reduce the balances in departmental bank accounts and shift the money to a central account where expenses could be analyzed"
Loyola UniversityLA2006reaction to controversial restructuring plan
Loyola UniversityLA2016Faculty believe president is unfit to carry out new restructuring plan because of past poor leadership
Los Angeles Trade Technical CollegeCA2012president's handling of a financial scandal
Long Island University--BrooklynNY2016After the university's union rejected a labor contract, the Faculty Senate passed a vote of no confidence in the president and provost.
LeMoyne-Owen CollegeTN2017"unfair hiring and firing methods"
Lees CollegeKY1992Did not specify but noted "a high degree of intimidation -- along with infringements on [faculty's] academic freedom and role in governance"President received two successful votes
Lamar UniversityTX1992too much "micromanagement"; dispute with a campus president
King UniversityTN2014president's leadership
Kendall College of Art and DesignMI2014faculty disapproved that former president returned as interim presidentThis college is a part of Ferris State University.
Kellogg Community CollegeMI2014alleged inappropriate conductFormal investigation cleared president
Kapiolani Community CollegeHI2016"department budget shortfalls, insignificant academic advising, and lack of transparency in the budget process"The vote was against the chancellor of that campus.
Kansas City Art InstituteMO2014Did not specify
James Madison UniversityVA1995"Faculty leaders complained last week that they had again been cut out of decision making and that President Carrier had continued his autocratic style."
Jackson State Community CollegeTN2016"Concerns included poor fundraising, a lack of community involvement in Jackson and low morale, Lackey said."The vote compelled the president to expedite his planned retirement.
Ithaca CollegeNY2015handling of racial incidents, "autocratic leadership," concerns about shared governanceAll full-time faculty were eligible to vote.
Indiana State UniversityIN2006received a pay raise during financially difficult times; action deemed "insensitive"; "haughty and unapproachable leadership style"
Idaho State UniversityID2011"rushing to carry out an ill-conceived reorganization plan, retaliating against dissenters on the faculty, and hurting Idaho State's reputation" by firing a critic
Howard UniversityDC2017"concerns about financial problems, lack of transparency and failures of leadership"The "faculty council," a component of the Faculty Senate, voted. After, many faculty expressed concerns about procedures and validity of this vote.
Hopkinsville Community CollegeKY2005hired dean via external consultant, not by using typical search committee
Hocking CollegeOH2015Faculty "cited over-capacity classes, fewer class sections and the college’s 'inability to find qualified adjuncts to replace faculty who were dismissed by Dr. Young or who chose to resign due to the toxic environment.'"The faculty union held the vote; however, non-union faculty participated as well. I include this vote for that reason.
Harvard UniversityMA2005remarks about women; "his aggressive and alienating leadership style"
Hartwick CollegeNY2016Faculty were concerned that the president eliminated positions.
Green River CollegeWA2015"possible cuts to several trades programs and what faculty says is [president's] failure to consider staff input"This is the second successful vote against President Ely; previous vote was in 2013
Grambling State UniversityLA2014hiring decisions and financial managementVote was against interim president
Grambling State UniversityLA2016"The resolution centered around what the senate deemed as past failed leadership and sustained instability throughout the university."
Golden Gate UniversityCA1999"faculty members have worried that the president's spending priorities could jeopardize . . . accreditation"
Goddard CollegeVT1996"in a resolution, the faculty members complained that in his 20 months as president, Mr. Greene had threatened the college's financial stability and undermined its tradition of shared governance, unilaterally making decisions about faculty hiring and the curriculum." Has held multiple votes against several presidents
Glenville State CollegeWV1994Did not specify
Glendale Community CollegeAZ1997"attempting to divert college money to a community project. It also criticizes her for poor communication skills and a divisive leadership style" Later reversed
Gallaudet UniversityDC2006Faculty disapproved of her tenure as provost and was "not the right person to represent the deaf community"
Gardner-Webb UniversityNC2002helped student-athlete change grade
Gadsden State Community CollegeAL2013Did not specify
Francis Marion UniversitySC1996shared governance violations
Fort Valley State UniversityGA2012"pattern of financial mismanagement" and spending "too much on adjunct faculty members and new administrative and staff positions"Faculty Senate later rescinded this vote
Fordham UniversityNY2017benefit cuts"In the final tally, announced Wednesday evening, 431 faculty members voted that they have no confidence in Father McShane, while 57 voted they are confident in his leadership."
Emory UniversityGA2013program closures and citation of "three-fifths compromise" in a columnMotion held at one campus and failed.
Elmira CollegeNY1992"low salaries and growing class sizes"; unilaterally investing in buildings over programs; "defined scholarship too narrowly in the promotion and tenure process"
El Paso Community CollegeTX2000Did not specify
Edison State CollegeFL2011"poor management of the college"
Eastern Oregon UniversityOR2007“dissatisfaction over budget cuts, low salaries, and other financial issues appears to underlie the faculty discontent”
Eastern Oklahoma State CollegeOK2017"In the list of grievances lack of administrative oversight in budgetary concerns, lack of solicited input from faculty affected by cuts (to college programs), alleged misrepresentation of the truth and concern over the community perception of the college are some of the reasons for concern . . .""Of 42 full-time faculty, 30 voted no-confidence in Smith, one voted in confidence and 11 did not vote."
Eastern Illinois UniversityIL1991"unfair hiring practices . . . mishandling sexual harassment case"
Diablo Valley CollegeCA2002"was not interested in shared governance"
Davis & Elkins CollegeWV2016"Among other things, faculty condemned the man for the long-term costs of his short-term financial management of the school, his indifference to faculty concerns and his overall strategic vision for the school."The vote was against an interim president. An attempt to rescind the vote failed.
Coppin State UniversityMD2012high turnover and an increase in "highly paid cabinet-level positions"
Connecticut State Colleges and UniversitiesCT2015Paying expensive consultants without faculty input; consultants' plans undermine facultyFaculty at Southern, Eastern, and Central Connecticut State, as well as Norwalk Community College, passed this vote
Community College of PhiladelphiaPA2007problems with "management style, lack of support for student services, and financial problems"
College of Saint RoseNY2016president's "handling of program and faculty cuts."
Clark CollegeWA2006"violating a commitment to shared governance" and "autocratic" leadership
City University of New York (CUNY) - York CollegeNY1994Did not specify
City University of New York (CUNY) - Medgar Evers CollegeNY2013Did not specify
City Colleges of ChicagoIL2005did not "rehire about 140 adjuncts and emeritus professors who had refused to cross the picket line"
City Colleges of ChicagoIL2016"uneasiness with steps administrators have taken to "reinvent" the state's largest community college network" and lack of shared governanceThis was a system-wide vote against the chancellor.
Chicago State CollegeIL2013concerns about "leadership and fiscal management"
Chattanooga State Community CollegeTN2014hiring choices, handling of finances, "vindictive" leadership
Central Washington UniversityWA1998"refused to work with proposed faculty union" and other management concerns
Central Michigan UniversityMI1991"handling of a current budget shortfall"; no shared governance or collegiality
Central Michigan UniversityMI2011faculty "cited concerns that the administration has not been transparent . . . [and] frustration over the administration’s handling of contract talks and its push to establish a new medical school"
Central Connecticut State University CT2017" a $40-million cost-cutting plan"Faculty Senate voted against system president.
Central Arizona CollegeAZ2011president "behaved unprofessionally, violated college policies, and failed to manage the institution effectively"
Case Western Reserve UniversityOH2006"for perceived fund-raising failures and for overseeing faulty budget projection"
Carson-Newman CollegeTN2007"for enrollment declines and faculty demotions"
Carroll College of WisconsinWI2003proposed eliminating courses and majors from liberal arts education
Cape Cod Community CollegeMA2016" an alleged environment of fear, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as ineffective leadership and management"
California State University, StanislausCA2009"Hostile working relationships and a lack of shared governance"
California State University, San BernardinoCA2017"what some faculty members viewed as a toxic campus climate and complaints over shared governance"Faculty Senate passed resolution 21-15.
California State University, ChicoCA2015"delays of the 2015-2016 budget, lack of shared governance and transparency among executives, untimely decisions, loss of jobs and high turnover rates in administrative position"
California State UniversityCA1999suggesting system should be run like a business
Burlington CollegeVT2014concerns about campus finances and leadership
Bryan CollegeTN2014changes in their statement of faith; other leadership issues
Bowie State UniversityMD1996"behaving like a dictator"
Blinn CollegeTX2014"reorganization, class schedule changes, shared governance and other issues."
Bermuda CollegeBermuda2015“The reasons supporting the decision include, but are not limited to, lack of leadership, diversion of resources away from the mission of the institution, a sense of entitlement of the president, lack of awareness of the realities of the classroom, failure to engage in meaningful communication, and failure to take responsibility for the dismal institutional climate."
Baylor UniversityTX2004"avalanche of faculty grievances" and "climate marked by fear"
Assumption CollegeMA2017layoffs, program cuts, exclusion of faculty from decision-making"According to Assumption College professors emerita Elisabeth Howe and Ann Murphy, however, the number 120 actually referred to those who were eligible to vote. Ninety-one of them, the professors said in an email to Worcester Magazine, did vote. Of eligible ballots cast, they said, 70 percent voted 'no confidence.'"
Antioch UniversityNationwide2007for "her dismissal of the college’s president and reorganization of the college’s fund raising operations — changes that the faculty said should have involved consultation with the faculty and did not"
American UniversityDC2005president's lavish spending; president "isolated and detached"
Alvernia CollegePA1990"internal disputes" such as academic freedom concerns; leadership concerns