Thanks for the feedback

Thank you for a very enthusiastic response to this site.  Hundreds of people have visited in the last few weeks, and I have really enjoyed hearing from you.  I especially appreciate conversations with people who have had first-hand experiences with votes listed on this site.

This weekend, I added some new votes to the database.  Also, based upon conversations with visitors, I have clarified some of the rationales for votes listed here.  I also fixed a few dead links!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.


Thank you for visiting!

I am a doctoral student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program at The Ohio State University (OSU), where I study university governance.  I created this website to share my master’s thesis data on faculty votes of no confidence against college/university presidents.

Several faculty members and administrators from various colleges and universities have contacted me about my research; in fact, some have used my work to consider or prepare for no-confidence votes at their institutions.  Others are just curious about the frequency of these votes, reason for them, etc.  (Typically, shared governance conflicts lead to these votes.)

I have uploaded my “database” of these votes to help faculty, administrators, students, or researchers.  I may occasionally add news or thoughts about university governance to this site, too.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments!